Monday, 16 December 2013


Today we hear from our DMC VIP MODEL Roxaane Fyanucci!!  This month she has done the Canary Christmas show on December 1st!!  For the first time ever she is stretching her fashion boundaries by Hosting a show for the first time!! GABRIEL SHOW on December 15th!

 This month she has also done Model BLUSH skins 3th anniversary and Christmas Campaign, Winner of the ModelSl magazine contest December.. here is the link check her out on page 67.  Beautiful job!! She is also did month  Finalist Style Kingdom Magazine casting,  1st runner up Champagne Sparkling Couture December 2013,

 and she Graduate Mimmi Boa Modeling Agency December 2013!!!

She Also is Inspiration model Muse Finesmith 2014 - finalist, finale in February 2014.

For this she created a Charity which runs until December 30th. Christmasy - Help for Philippines

In November she also Graduate MVW November 2013!!
Wow what a busy girl!!! Great job Roxanne! Keep up the good work.. not to mention the future things she has lined up.. We will keep you update.. Also check out her wonderful Blog and Flickr page! and  If you want us to showcase your hard work.. send Lopez Fairlady a folder with what your doing and pic and links and name it BLOG IT!! xoxo

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Tonight there was the SMESH/MACI Fashion show!!: SMESH is the brand created by the talented Sakira Mirabella and   Magia Emolite is the great designer behind MACI.  Four of our models from our DMC was in the show!!!
This was a Models Give Back production!  A group of Professional SL Models that feel it is important to give back to their SL and RL community by using their talents to raise funds for reputable and verified charitable causes.  All Vendors give a percentage of sales to Models Giving Back, which will allow us to make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to aid in providing early detection services along with information to anyone in need. Here is a link to the donation site!
Lets brag about some our OUR models!!! whooo!!
The beautiful announcer and Show producer and MGB founder and our DMA Education Director and VIP Model was Jamie Sandalwood!!! She is  wearing the Silk Dress from SMESH in Red along with the Glam Rock Heels in Tomorrow from MACI.   This sexy backless mini-dress comes with a HUD that allows you to choose one of 8 different colors including the RED that I have chosen.

Then we had out on the stage our DMC CEO, DMA Principal, DMA Advanced Instructor, and VIP Model Suki Rexen!!!(left) Paired up with our DMA Advanced Instructor, and VIP Model  Elisabet Lillihook!!!(right)
 Elisabet  is looking ready for a fashion recon in the fierce SMESH MILITARY OUTFIT!  This is a camo mesh outfit accessorized with buckled leather straps and belt.  The FUNKY PAPER MESH ANKLE SHOES can go walking almost anywhere Eli cares to go. Suki can boldly go anywhere in this ANIMAL PRINT OUTFIT. It has a leather Belt Strap collar with  working buckle and two matching straps holding up two firm leather animal print cups which are secured in place by a leather strap around the back.  Matching latex and spandex mix leggings are complimented with a soft leather wrap belt.
Another run out was Elisabet Lillihook again!! (left) Elisabet is dressed to impress in the SMESH BLACK & WHITE SEDUCTION DRESS paired with the MIX & MATCH ANKLE SHOES with a hud that lets her change just about any part of the shoe she likes so it goes with anything really.
Then we have our COO, DMA Vice Principal,  DMA Intermediate Instructor, and VIP Model Lopez Fairlady!!   Lopez shows us the SMESH BROWN GO BAGGY outfit that features  grey and brown colors with a deep V-neck collar, giving this outfit some business sense, but the baggy pants, midriff baring,  sleeveless vest shows OFF your business.
  Lopez Fairlady joins us once again wearing this casual ensemble mixed and matched with both Designers!  SMESH'S MESH DOUBLE T-SHIRT in blue is just the relaxed fit she wanted.   Not too hot and not too light with this layered crop top look.  Soft cotton warmth will make you comfortable and stylish.  Paired together with MACI MESH SUEDE MINI SKIRT.  This little number shows off your beautiful long legs with a peeka boo effect of opened zippers on the front. This skirt can be changed to many different colors!! Don't forget your oh so hip  MACI GLAM ROCK HEELS!  So fun to wear with a color changing Hud to match up any outfit in your closet.
Out for another run Suki Rexen!(left)  Suki is wearing the BLACK LACE COCKTAIL DRESS featuring a strapless bodice and angled slit on her right side. This dress has silver threads sewn into a black velvet material creating a lovely swirl design which glistens in any light.  Her Red, Leather Clutch is a fantastic accent and is included with the dress complements of the designer. She has chosen the GLAM ROCK HEELS from MACI as the perfect finishing touch,  in the "Glory Night" pattern.
 Final model of the afternoon is Lopez Fairlady again.. wearing MACI's rocking HOLIDAY FUN outfit! This candy striped corseted dress is perfect for your holiday party.  It's complete with all the trimmings of matching Poinsettia choker necklace and ring, Holly decorated garters, gloves, and ring as well. You will feel sexy in this outfit and Sassy with these SUEDE HIGH SNEAKERS from MACI as well.  These shoes are awesome with a hud that can give you countless options for shoe color designs to fit anything in your wardrobe.
What fun to see all of our DMC STAFF all together in one show!!! If you missed it you missed a great time to see the best do it!  So awesome to see our DMC models working and keeping up their skills.. Let us brag about you!! Tell us what you are up to and what you are working on.  Send in a folder to Lopez Fairlady and name it BLOG IT!! xoxo

Sunday, 8 December 2013


We want to show off our Education Director and Vip Model Jamee Sandlewood!!! Check out her advertisement and winning photo for December Danielle Fashionista Contest!  Beautiful Job Jamee!! We at DMC are so proud of you!!

If you are a DMC Model, let us know what you have been up to and we will brag about you!!! Send Lopez Fairlady/ COO a folder with pics, links, etc and name it BLOG IT!!

Saturday, 30 November 2013


 First Official Runway show for Dirty Princess Couture! Ms. Skyler Verlaine Lebed   has created an evolution of amazingly detailed designs that have allowed us to wear perfectly fitted lingerie for any special occasion we could want.  Dirty Princess Couture is a place that is both Lolas and Phat Azz friendly as well as some Slink shoe appliers.
 to introduce you to our Dirty Princess Dancers that are here to entertain your senses.
They are all wearing variations of Daddy's Doll Whore 2 outfit by Dirty Princess Couture. Feauturing our very own model JJ26Ragu!
 Here is our DMA student Deborah Vos!   Miss Deborah is now joining us on the stage, wearing the Bombshell Whore mesh ensemble in bubblegum pink.

 Miss Deborah is about the take the stage again for the Queen of Burlesque mesh Princess!  
Here is another of our DMC models redtess69 Resident !  Well, here comes Miss Red as Mrs. Naughty Claus Princess  

Here she is again!  Miss Red ends the show on the right note, In the Dirty Princess New Year Babe Princess outfit!

What a fun and exciting show.. For your eyes too lol.. So proud to come and watch our models on thier journey to sucess!!! Let us know when your next event is so that we can brag about you! xo

Friday, 22 November 2013


Just added a link to the POE hunt!!  Be sure to scroll down the blog list to the left of this posting and ck out all the hunts happening in sl!!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


 Starting September 26th you will be able to come by the specially designed parcel for MODELS GIVING BACK huge event to support the
                                   NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION!               
                                      The  Event is called ROCK YOUR RACK!!! 

 You can find out all about it on the ROCKYOURRACK blog page!!!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Oh my! It's been a loooong time since I blogged on my own blog! The Life and Times of Suki R. Barrowstone  (Maybe I should change the name) 

I've blogged on the DMC blog, MW blog, and on Facebook, but not on own personal blog.  To my followers, too few in numbers, but so rich in loyalty, I apologize!  And, I promise (to try) to update my blog with oodles of interesting information and events! 

In fact, here is a repost of what I just published on my personal blog.  It is a link to the web issue of R_E_Z a wonderful In-world SL magazine... in this issue, among other interesting information, there is an interview with me!  My first, I'll admit, where I was the one being interviewed! 

If you'd like an inworld copy of this mag, just send me a notecard and I will send you a copy!
Help spread the word about my blog... thanx!  ♥~Suki

Saturday, 3 August 2013


We are just about to start our next semester in training a the DMA. Classes will resume on August 12, 2013 If you or any one else you know are interested in becoming a fashion model, we would be so happy to add you to the team.  I so excited to meet or new students. Our aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you will need to become a top SL model.  We will teach you how to stride confidently onto any catwalk, pose with boldness for any print work, complete a professional modeling resume and arm you with the best means to promote yourself.  Please Contact Suki Rexen or Lopez Fairlady for an application and get it before we start.

Monday, 17 June 2013


I can’t believe such a wonderful GIANT is retiring from making clothing in second life! Ma’am Amutey, I wore one of your wedding gowns in my own ceremony. I’ve brought students to your 199L and below discount store so they can get gowns to practice in. And, I’ve stayed loyal to your designs since I first found them, when I did one my first modeling shows and you were the exclusive designer for it. We friended then…and have remained friends since. I’m sad to see you go. However… wish you well, prosperity, and happiness in your future lives.  please visit her FB page for more information and to make comments directly.

Amutey DeCuir says goodbye to BLISS COUTURE

Sunday, 16 June 2013

official Logo
The following gentlemen are Official Candidates for MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD 2013:
  • Anthony Audran - Mister V♛ South Africa   
  • Brockway Mellark - Mister V♛ Canada
  • Bruno Abbot - Mister V♛ Portugal
  • Christianraven Resident - Mister V♛ Germany
  • Cold Jupiter - Mister V♛ USA
  • Corbin Sporg - Mister V♛ Spain
  • Erik Bayn - Mister V♛ Australia
  • Ewan Crumb – Mister V♛ Argentina
  • Gaymaster (Galap) Resident – Mister V♛ Denmark
  • GeorgeMcCartney Resident - Mister V♛ United Kingdom
  • HabibMaalouf Resident – Mister V♛ Phillipines
  • Lex Demonista - Mister V♛ Switzerland
  • Roman Godde – Mister V♛ Puerto Rico
  • Shadow59300 Resident - Mister V♛ France
  • Tonny Rey – Mister V♛ Venuzuela

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

We, of the DMC | DMA couldn't be prouder!!  The Grad Show was a beautiful success!!  Vampiress Solo was our Photographer... and we will be posting her pictures soon!  In the meantime, here is a shot of OUR NEWEST MODELS standing with the DMC Faculty!

LtoR: Jena, JJ, Suki,Chloe,Lopez,Jamee


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

DMA Graduation Show

Dallas Modeling Academy proudly presents
• • •
The honor of your presence is requested as the
following graduates receive their diplomas
Chloe Benoir and JJ26 Ragu
• • •
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 @ 5pm SLT.
• • •

Monday, 27 May 2013


Last night the April Class Grad students, Jena and I met to work on their graduation show. It ended up being very productive and I am sure their grad show will be a huge success! Just when I thought I couldn't be any prouder...... 

Jay Jay tells me that She, Zoomy and Chloe all were chosen in the JCNY Modeling Casting held over the weekend. OMG!!! NOTHING SAYS "YOU DO GOOD WORK" THEN THE SUCCESS OF YOUR STUDENTS!! WTG LADIES

Saturday, 25 May 2013

a DMC model makes it to BLVD!


Thursday, 16 May 2013


Wow,, Look at our beautiful student who are a Chloebenior , Jj26 Ragu, Bethanyjoyanne, Zoomy Bluebird. They are in their final task and are about to graduate!  Please join me in giving them a round of applause and wishing them luck on thier final Graduation Task!... If you would like to have a transformation and become part of the fashion world and become a model please visit our Academy and join the Dallas Modeling Company.   Lucky Island (159,237,3895) You can Im Suki Rexen or Lopez Fairlady for an application or questions!  Once again STUNNING Ladies!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013



Friday, 22 March 2013

Models give back fashion show

Come check out the latest fashion show from Models Give back on the 28th of march at 11am...featuring styles by Danielle and hosted on the Dallas Modeling Corporation/Models Give Back HQ sim, come check out some amazing designs and support a great cause all donations go to support the national breast cancer foundation...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Do you grid hop?!!!!!

If you do and you have an account in the inworldz grid come check out our next show on the 16th of march 

Dallas Modelling Corporation and Romance Couture, 
in association with Golden Fox Photography and 01Time Studio Video, and with special guests 
Mimi Juneau and Designer Pixivor Allen of A La Folie, 

present the

Spring Romance Fashion Show

Saturday March 16th at 3pm PST

01Time Square, Amphitrite

Stunning elegant fashion of the highest quality, designed by two of the leading ladies wear designers in IW, presented to you in high style on an incredible surprise runway (not appearing until the day of the show!).

After show Party at 4.30PST - the wonderful SL and IW Star Singer and DJ Jonas Lunasea will entertain you until 6pm PST, in the magical and elegant Art Deco style Cinderella Ballroom, next to the Runway

Free gifts and Fashion Show exclusive bargains will be available, plus gowns from the show if you wish to buy them

This will be a landmark Fashion Show for IW, and not to be missed!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Models Give Back Fashion Show Today At 11AM

Models Giving Back is proud to present to you its next show for the fashions of Absolutely Smitten and JayGee Fashions today at 11am a portion of sales and donations will go to aid the American red cross and to help much needed relief efforts so come join us for some awesome fashion and a fun time slrul below check out the invite poster too :)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Youre Invited!!!!

You are invited to the Models Give Back fashion Show hosted by Models Give back for Absolutely smitten JFL Menswear and Miss Darcy check out the slurl and grab yourself a lm and we shall see you soon :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Romance Couture Dallas Modeling Corporation Fashion Show Inworldz Grid

We done it woot Dallas Modeling Corporation done there first cross platform show on a new grid check out my post on my official blog of some of the wonderful outfits and also i will post the finished video here soon too it was an amazing night we held 60 people on the Sim no lag lol yay :D

Thursday, 10 January 2013

The DMC Prepares for a Show!
introducing DIAMOND STYLE
2:00pm slt

Thanks to the fusion of Glamour Style and Diamond Avatar, on September 20th, 2012  DIAMOND STYLE, a new concept in fashion, was born.  
 The Queen of SL wears Diamond Style. 
*Elegant gowns, *casual dresses, *mesh dresses, *bridal dresses, *skins, *shapes, *make-up tattoo and lipstick tattoo layers.    


As our hand picked Elite Models prepare for the show, you can view rehearsal pictures under the "fun and work" page on this blog.   BUT.... tsk tsk, no dress rehearsal pictures!  If you want to see the skins and fashions of designers: Cristal Triellis and Christy Hamer, you will have to come to the show!!  

*please let your friends know!