Thursday, 20 March 2014

Congratulations LOPEZ

WOW! Our very own Lopez Fairlady is a semifinalist in the Loovus Dzevavor Model Search 2014. CONGRATS LOPEZ! Check out Lopez's blog for more about the outfit she put together for Round 2 of the Search, and leave a comment to show your support for her. So proud of you Lopez...btw you look fabulous!

Lopez Fairlady for Loovus Dzevavor Model Search 2014

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


DALLAS MODELING COMPANY is now casting for Models to fill in store modeling jobs.  Being Chosen as a DMC MODEL will also open opportunities for runway, print work, and blogging jobs in the future.  We are a full service agency.  We represent you as you represent us.  We strive to see you succeed. We have jobs waiting and are so excited to add to our modeling staff!

Please contact myself, or Suki Rexen, or Jamee Binder for casting specifications.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Becoming a Second Life Model: STUDENT: Last week, I opened up my search on Second Life with the thought of looking for anyone hiring a model. I saw an ad for a school, so I though...

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Just added this blog to our blog roll.  It's the first all men's blog I've seen.  I hope our male models enjoy it! 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A new Blogger is born

Yesterday a DMC & MGB model, Çђℓoє ÙℓđєяÞoяŦ™ (sl legacy name: chloe.panthar) im'd me and ask me if I knew of an easy blog site so she could start a new blog and join the fashion bloggers of SL.  I told her that most sl bloggers that I knew use "Wordpress" but I find it to be a bit advanced and better used by experienced bloggers.  I told her I have always used blogger and would happy to teach her how to get a blog started on google blogger.  So...... I put out a message to the DMC, MGB & MW, that I was holding an impromptu intro to using Blogger. Emily Deschanel Rexen (SL legacy: mahnola) joined us, as did Bea (SL Legacy: beatrice.serendipity) which was quite a welcomed honor, as Bea has one of the nicest blogs I follow....and guess what?? She uses blogger!  ( 

I opened a share screen and showed everyone, namely Chloe and Emily, how to start a Blogger Blog.  Bea offered great suggestions and information and we had a very enjoyable, informed impromptu class on getting started.  Here is Chloe's result:

I invited Chloe to attend Lopez Fairlady's class on blogging when she teaches it during the DMA's intermediate curriculum.  ( 

as a side note, I started a few blogs... which look good, including this one, but starting a blog and keeping up with a blog are two different things!!

Stay tuned...... as Model's Workshop is planning a workshop seminar on BLOGGING and will have a few esteemed presenters!! (one I already mentioned above)  .......

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Today we want to brag about our newest graduate Crista Wellens (chillicalifornia Resident) She did such a wonderful job that she was awarded by our DMC Principal and CEO title of Valedictorian!  She is already on her way to success!

She recently was a Glamgirls finalist and currently works as a  Liv-Glam store model (1 month already).  She is also a  High Life Model (appeared and HOSTED their show and is implied in more). She got admitted into both Avenue and Miss Virtual Worlds. Way to go! Already got sponsors: RGF Estates.  Your on fire!  This girlie is also multi talented she got her fashion sense into everything.  She also is a blogger for Sundaara and is a designer herself with her line Chellatrex Designs! Keep up the good work and we will shine with pride as you climb the ladder!! Welcome to the DMC family Crista!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Frolic Mills: the model

Frolic Mills:  You've heard of the man...founder of MVW, BOSL, Blvd Models, BOSL Radio and tv shows. You may have even met him, but unless you've been around for a while, you've never really seen him as a model.  That's right, a model.  Notice the details to perfection, the realistic poses, the look... models have a certain look... when you see them you just know.