Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fashion for Life and Relay for Life Event _ March 21 to 29, 2015

"2015 Fashion for Life(FFL) consists of a team of people, led by Frolic Mills,  who volunteer their time and talent to accomplish the many activities scheduled. All proceed from all activities are donated to the American Cancer Society." ~~ AbbyJean Resident (DMC Model and graduate)

Seven capitals of the worlds have been created for seven sims, plus two sims were created for North and South Central Park in New York City.  Each world is unique and gives the feeling of actually being there to enjoy the sights and stroll through the shops.  Models can benefit by attending FFL because they will find exclusive designs made just for this event as well as a gacha area for those enthusiasts.  This can also be a great opportunity for models to create or build their portfolios with the many picturesque areas to be seen.

NEW YORK CITY: Builder, Sofia Corleone - Sponsored by Zanze
FFL - New York

PARIS: Builder, Kaya Angel - Sponsored by CHOP ZUEY COUTURE
FFL - Paris

TOKYO: Builder, Ouka Ugajin - Sponsored by ::GABRIEL::
FFL - Tokyo

LONDON: Builder, Rebeca Bashly - Sponsored by ARGRACE
FFL - London

BERLIN: Builder, Setsuna Infinity - Sponsored by Yasum Designs
FFL - Berlin

MILAN: Builder, MaximilianIII Massenberg - Sponsored by Sage 

LOS ANGELES: Builder, Regi Yifu - Sponsored by Zaodyeck Magazine 

CENTRAL PARK: North & South, Builders, Spankmy Boucher and Sofia Corleone - Sponsored by MISS SL ORGANIZATION

FFL - North Central Park

FFL - South Central Park

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