Sunday, 15 December 2013


Tonight there was the SMESH/MACI Fashion show!!: SMESH is the brand created by the talented Sakira Mirabella and   Magia Emolite is the great designer behind MACI.  Four of our models from our DMC was in the show!!!
This was a Models Give Back production!  A group of Professional SL Models that feel it is important to give back to their SL and RL community by using their talents to raise funds for reputable and verified charitable causes.  All Vendors give a percentage of sales to Models Giving Back, which will allow us to make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to aid in providing early detection services along with information to anyone in need. Here is a link to the donation site!
Lets brag about some our OUR models!!! whooo!!
The beautiful announcer and Show producer and MGB founder and our DMA Education Director and VIP Model was Jamie Sandalwood!!! She is  wearing the Silk Dress from SMESH in Red along with the Glam Rock Heels in Tomorrow from MACI.   This sexy backless mini-dress comes with a HUD that allows you to choose one of 8 different colors including the RED that I have chosen.

Then we had out on the stage our DMC CEO, DMA Principal, DMA Advanced Instructor, and VIP Model Suki Rexen!!!(left) Paired up with our DMA Advanced Instructor, and VIP Model  Elisabet Lillihook!!!(right)
 Elisabet  is looking ready for a fashion recon in the fierce SMESH MILITARY OUTFIT!  This is a camo mesh outfit accessorized with buckled leather straps and belt.  The FUNKY PAPER MESH ANKLE SHOES can go walking almost anywhere Eli cares to go. Suki can boldly go anywhere in this ANIMAL PRINT OUTFIT. It has a leather Belt Strap collar with  working buckle and two matching straps holding up two firm leather animal print cups which are secured in place by a leather strap around the back.  Matching latex and spandex mix leggings are complimented with a soft leather wrap belt.
Another run out was Elisabet Lillihook again!! (left) Elisabet is dressed to impress in the SMESH BLACK & WHITE SEDUCTION DRESS paired with the MIX & MATCH ANKLE SHOES with a hud that lets her change just about any part of the shoe she likes so it goes with anything really.
Then we have our COO, DMA Vice Principal,  DMA Intermediate Instructor, and VIP Model Lopez Fairlady!!   Lopez shows us the SMESH BROWN GO BAGGY outfit that features  grey and brown colors with a deep V-neck collar, giving this outfit some business sense, but the baggy pants, midriff baring,  sleeveless vest shows OFF your business.
  Lopez Fairlady joins us once again wearing this casual ensemble mixed and matched with both Designers!  SMESH'S MESH DOUBLE T-SHIRT in blue is just the relaxed fit she wanted.   Not too hot and not too light with this layered crop top look.  Soft cotton warmth will make you comfortable and stylish.  Paired together with MACI MESH SUEDE MINI SKIRT.  This little number shows off your beautiful long legs with a peeka boo effect of opened zippers on the front. This skirt can be changed to many different colors!! Don't forget your oh so hip  MACI GLAM ROCK HEELS!  So fun to wear with a color changing Hud to match up any outfit in your closet.
Out for another run Suki Rexen!(left)  Suki is wearing the BLACK LACE COCKTAIL DRESS featuring a strapless bodice and angled slit on her right side. This dress has silver threads sewn into a black velvet material creating a lovely swirl design which glistens in any light.  Her Red, Leather Clutch is a fantastic accent and is included with the dress complements of the designer. She has chosen the GLAM ROCK HEELS from MACI as the perfect finishing touch,  in the "Glory Night" pattern.
 Final model of the afternoon is Lopez Fairlady again.. wearing MACI's rocking HOLIDAY FUN outfit! This candy striped corseted dress is perfect for your holiday party.  It's complete with all the trimmings of matching Poinsettia choker necklace and ring, Holly decorated garters, gloves, and ring as well. You will feel sexy in this outfit and Sassy with these SUEDE HIGH SNEAKERS from MACI as well.  These shoes are awesome with a hud that can give you countless options for shoe color designs to fit anything in your wardrobe.
What fun to see all of our DMC STAFF all together in one show!!! If you missed it you missed a great time to see the best do it!  So awesome to see our DMC models working and keeping up their skills.. Let us brag about you!! Tell us what you are up to and what you are working on.  Send in a folder to Lopez Fairlady and name it BLOG IT!! xoxo

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