Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Oh my! It's been a loooong time since I blogged on my own blog! The Life and Times of Suki R. Barrowstone  (Maybe I should change the name) 

I've blogged on the DMC blog, MW blog, and on Facebook, but not on own personal blog.  To my followers, too few in numbers, but so rich in loyalty, I apologize!  And, I promise (to try) to update my blog with oodles of interesting information and events! 

In fact, here is a repost of what I just published on my personal blog.  It is a link to the web issue of R_E_Z a wonderful In-world SL magazine... in this issue, among other interesting information, there is an interview with me!  My first, I'll admit, where I was the one being interviewed!  http://rezslmagazine.blogspot.com/ 

If you'd like an inworld copy of this mag, just send me a notecard and I will send you a copy!
Help spread the word about my blog... thanx!  ♥~Suki

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