Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A new semester begins

We at Dallas Modeling corporation take pride in our academy and its this pride that has allowed us to strive to create excellence within the virtual Modeling world we now begin our next semester with a group of students who will become some of our virtual worlds finest models as all of our past and present students have become.

Our excellence has allowed us to venture into our sister agency Dallas Modeling Corporation TinyTots our exclusive agency for child and tiny tot avatars  

This agency working closely with some of second life's top clothing designers for child and tiny tot avatars and some of  second life's  most experienced instructors breaks the barrier in how we see our virtual fashion world and allows us to step out of the box and bring new and fresh ideas to the virtual Modeling world.... keep an eye on posts on our blog and also join the inworld group DMC|TinyTots for more information.

We are about to Begin new university semester and also a new chapter in our agency and we know from our feedback and our support that our agency will remain second to none 

Till my next post i wish you a pleasant and wonderful day

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