Friday, 15 June 2012

Belladonna Couture Spring Graduation Show

OK so i know its a bit late for the post but bare with me I'm still getting used to blogging i sound so awesome I'm blogging :D

Anyways we had an awesome show on June the 9th where past and present graduates staged there own show with the help of Ms Suki Rexen CEO of Dallas Modeling Corporation and the awesome Ms AbbyRose Abbot and Mr Trym Glendevon Owners, Designers and CEO of Belladonna Couture who helped the show by supporting us with some awesome outfits from there new summer collection.

Also we where supplied shoes from MS Infiniti Mirihi Owner and CEO of Maryjane Shoes and we also had jewelry supplied by Zuri this made for an awesome show

So to all the graduates who created the show and to Ms Suki Rexen and to our wonder full designers and our staff in our agency i thank you and well done!!!!


  1. You all done amazing was an awesome show :DDDDD

  2. you all done amazing and it was an awesome show congrats to all


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