Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A new Blogger is born

Yesterday a DMC & MGB model, Çђℓoє ÙℓđєяÞoяŦ™ (sl legacy name: chloe.panthar) im'd me and ask me if I knew of an easy blog site so she could start a new blog and join the fashion bloggers of SL.  I told her that most sl bloggers that I knew use "Wordpress" but I find it to be a bit advanced and better used by experienced bloggers.  I told her I have always used blogger and would happy to teach her how to get a blog started on google blogger.  So...... I put out a message to the DMC, MGB & MW, that I was holding an impromptu intro to using Blogger. Emily Deschanel Rexen (SL legacy: mahnola) joined us, as did Bea (SL Legacy: beatrice.serendipity) which was quite a welcomed honor, as Bea has one of the nicest blogs I follow....and guess what?? She uses blogger!  ( 

I opened a share screen and showed everyone, namely Chloe and Emily, how to start a Blogger Blog.  Bea offered great suggestions and information and we had a very enjoyable, informed impromptu class on getting started.  Here is Chloe's result:

I invited Chloe to attend Lopez Fairlady's class on blogging when she teaches it during the DMA's intermediate curriculum.  ( 

as a side note, I started a few blogs... which look good, including this one, but starting a blog and keeping up with a blog are two different things!!

Stay tuned...... as Model's Workshop is planning a workshop seminar on BLOGGING and will have a few esteemed presenters!! (one I already mentioned above)  .......

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