Thursday, 13 December 2012

On Saturday December 15th, at 3pm slt, Modelsgivingback (MGB) will host another MEB show on our stage!!  Please attend!  I will be there, taking pictures!!    
      Hopefully by now, you all have heard of the new Group "Models giving Back", which is a spin-off of Spirit of Canada (SOC) when it parted from SL in Sept 2012.  Jamee Sandalwood is now the CEO. 
      You may have also noticed, by now, that Models Giving Back, (MGB) are now located on the DMC land.  However, MGB, is a separate company from the DMC.  We are just doing our part to support their worthy cause.  
      Just like SOC, ALL MGB SHOWS are charity shows.  The designer, or designers donate their items and either portion or the full amount of their sales from the kiosks they set up at the show.  There are collection stands for you to make donates of any amount as well!  A large portion of the proceeds are donated to the charity of choice. 


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